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Criminal Defense

Link & Associates

Defending the Rights of the Accused

The attorneys at Link & Associates, are dedicated to defending the rights of those facing serious charges. Perhaps the most critical decision a person can make when charged with a crime is who to hire as his or her defense attorney. The lawyer needs to be someone who can aggressively defend the charges and evaluate all defenses. It also needs to be someone who will candidly advise when and if it is best to take a plea offer. In all stages of the criminal case, Investigation, Pre-Trial Negotiations and Proceedings, Plea Offers and Trial, a good defense attorney can be the difference between prison and a not guilty verdict or probation.

Representation During an Investigation

The moment you are aware that you could be the target of a criminal investigation, you need an attorney. Representation during a preliminary investigation is critical. Invoking your right to counsel stops police from using your words against you. A good attorney can try to persuade prosecutors not to file charges. If charges are filed, we can ask for notification to avoid the embarrassment of having police execute an arrest warrant at your home or work.

Court Proceedings Before Trial

Our attorneys use every opportunity to win a case before a jury trial. For example, defense counsel can move to have evidence suppressed because of the manner in which it was obtained. Attorneys can look for errors in the way the evidence was processed or stored. Many cases have been won by defense attorneys being prepared to challenge the admission of evidence.

Plea Offers

Whether one goes to trial or accepts a plea offer? Everyone faces this very difficult decision. A good defense attorney will give candid advice about your chances of winning at a jury trial. The attorney should give good, sound advice, based on what is best for the client, instead of what is best for the attorney’s pocket book.


If your case does indeed go to trial, you want a well-respected trial attorney who has won major criminal jury trials. There are plenty of attorneys who have taken a large number of cases to jury trial but in your case, what matters more than numbers is results. Our attorneys have successfully defended a large number of clients with a wide range of charges.


Once your case gets to the plea agreement or guilty verdict, it will proceed to sentencing. The sentencing hearing for some attorneys is a short going-through-the-motions process. Not so for our attorneys. They appear at the sentencing hearing armed with evidence in order to obtain your best possible outcome. Defense counsel should provide the Judge with a sentencing memorandum, letters, and expert reports, as well as witness testimony. A good defense attorney considers a sentencing hearing as crucial as a jury trial.